Impress medical courses (IMC) was conceived in 2013 by Kapil Sahnan, Jessamy Bagenal and Kaji Sritharan with the desire to provide high-quality training courses for our delegates. IMC offers an umbrella network that designs and develops courses for healthcare professionals who are currently in partnership with the Royal Society of Medicine. IMC understands that current trainees have the best grasp of what courses should be provided and current holes in the training market. We provide experience, advice and information for any enthusiastic trainees wishing to establish new courses under the IMC framework. If you are a medical trainee who is interested in running his or her own course and would like guidance regarding this please don’t hesitate to contact us.
“With extensive mentoring experience we are keen to allow junior trainees develop their leadership and management skills through organising either one of our courses or one of there own”

Miss Alicia Skervin – one of recent course organizers